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    • tripplk Linda Tripp made disclosures to the Office of Independent Counsel that the president  had lied under oath resulting in the sitting president being found in contempt of court and losing his law license.  The Department of Defense retaliated by leaking inflammatory confidential information from Ms. Tripp's personnel file. Ms. Tripp reached a settlement in her Privacy Act lawsuit with the Federal Government.


    • daniel-ellsberg--phd-2814-20080102-33Daniel Ellsberg's blew the whistle on U.S. Government misconduct in the Vietnam War by leaking the "Pentagon Papers."  His disclosures are credited as a major factor in ending the war.                                        
    • fitzgeraldernie Ernie Fitzgerald blew the whistle on billions of dollars in cost overruns at the Department of Defense and was illegally fired by President Nixon.  Mr. Fitzgerald's  landmark federal whistleblower case resulted in his reinstatement and effectually led to the passage of amendments to the False Claims Act in 1986.                                                       
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