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Birkenfeld Clemency Campaign

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Washington, D.C. January 6, 2011. The National Whistleblower Center is calling for the release of Bradley Birkenfeld from prison on January 8, 2011, the one-day anniversary of his imprisonment.

Executive Director of the NWC Stephen M. Kohn stated, "Birkenfeld's contribution to the taxpayers was billions of dollars when he stood alone and courageously exposed UBS's $20 billion tax fraud. The prolonged imprisonment of Mr. Birkenfeld does not serve the public interest and is creating a chilling effect on other bankers with information on illegal offshore U.S. accounts.  It is dumbfounding that the government would continue to keep Mr. Birkenfeld in jail, while thousands of millionaires and billions who profited from illegal offshore accounts have been granted amnesty. We request that President Obama grant Mr. Birkenfeld executive clemency and reduce his sentence to the one year he served."