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New IRS Regulations Hurt Whistleblowers, Help Swiss Bankers!

TAKE ACTION! Tell the IRS to Protect Tax Whistleblowers!

The most active and successful whistleblower actions in U.S. history have been against Swiss Banks. However, William Wilkins, a former lobbyist for the Swiss Bankers' Association, now sits as Chief Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service

William J. Wilkins
Chief Counsel
Internal Revenue Service
1111 Constitution Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20224
(202) 622-3300

As a result, the foxes are watching the henhouse, and the very same people that opposed blowing the whistle on decades of Swiss Banking abuses are now at the table proposing new regulations that undermine the IRS whistleblower program. 

Just as the IRS whistleblower program is beginning to get on its feet and start exposing tax fraud and awarding courageous whistleblowers, Wilkins and others at the IRS and Treasury are clearly attempting to cut the whistleblower program off at the knees.

Moreover, the proposed regulations will assist Wilkins' former clients-the Swiss Bankers-to the direct detriment of every American taxpayer.

If you haven't already submitted comments to the IRS, please do and also urge your friends and family to do so. Allowing the IRS's proposed regulations to go into effect will immensely damage the whistleblower program just when we need it most.

Demand that the Secretary of the Treasury prevent IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins from participating in the regulatory process for the whistleblower office, and take action to oppose the IRS's proposed whistleblower regulations.

We need you to take swift action, and join us-and whistleblower advocates-in commenting on the IRS's proposed regulations before they become final. The IRS must receive public comments by February 19, 2013. Please take a few moments and submit a comment today.