Know Your Rights!
Read The New Whistleblower's Handbook

It is absolutely essential for whistleblowers to know their rights. The New Whistleblower’s Handbook is the first-ever guide to whistleblowing, by the nation’s leading whistleblower attorney. The Handbook is an easy to read step-by-step guide to the essential tools for successfully blowing the whistle, qualifying for financial rewards, and protecting yourself. What's inside the handbook?


Concepts and Procedures in Whistleblower Law.

Protecting Environmental and Nuclear Whistleblowers
A Litigation Manual-Collector's Item (Published in 1985, the first-ever law book on whistleblower rights.)

The efforts to protect employees who assist in the enforcement of our Nation’s environmental laws has been significantly enhanced by the publication of Protecting Environmental and Nuclear Whistleblowers: A Litigation Manual, by Stephen M. Kohn. Kohn has prepared this detailed and comprehensive manual which shows both attorneys and workers how to use successfully the Federal worker protection statutes.
-James Florio, Former Governor of New Jersey

Whistleblower Law
A Guide to Legal Protections for Corporate Employees
(Co-authors Michael D. Kohn & David Colapinto)

Corporate whistleblowers are the unsung heroes on Wall Street. However, because these corporate employees are frequently subject to retaliation, it is essential that they have a thorough understanding of their rights. The new book Whistleblower Law: A Guide to Legal Protections for Corporate Employees provides a clear, comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanation of the employee-protection requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
-Senator Chuck Grassley

The Whistleblower Litigation Handbook
Environmental, Health, and Safety Claims

Kohn cuts through the maze.”

-Legal Publishing Review

The Labor Lawyer’s Guide to the Rights and Responsibilities of Employee Whistleblowers
Co-author Michael D. Kohn

Whistle-blowers now have increased protection.”

-Society for Human Resource Management HR Magazine

American Political Prisoners
Prosecutions Under the Espionage and Sedition Acts

An extraordinary feat of research, extracting from a reluctant government the records that are published for the first time in this book.”
-Howard Zinn
Author, “A People’s History of the United States
Former Professor Emeritus, Boston University”

Jailed for Peace
The History of American Draft Law Violators

While its copious notes and statistical apparatus attest to real scholarship in its composition, this sympathetic history of resistance to military conscription in the U.S. is no dry-as-dust academic tone. It is a concise, humane chronicle of the most familiar expression of a very old American ideal-pacifism
– Brian David Mussington, Booklist