Whistleblower Attorney Directory Listing FAQ

A qualified licensed attorney can apply to the Whistleblower Attorney Directory.

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Q: How can I add my name to the Whistleblower Attorney Directory?

A: If you are a licensed attorney and would like to add your name to the Whistleblower Attorney Directory, simply sign up here.

Q: Must I become a member of the National Whistleblower Center to be listed in the Whistleblower Attorney Directory?

A: No. Attorneys listed in the Whistleblower Attorney Directory are private and are not employed by the NWLDEF or the NWC. There is no membership requirement. Attorneys who are licensed to practice law and are interested in representing whistleblower may request to have their name and contact information listed in the Whistleblower Attorney Directory.

Q: If I retain a client through my listing in the Whistleblower Attorney Directory, what is the role of the NWC or NWLDEF in the case?

A: None. The attorneys listed in the Whistleblower Attorney Directory have the complete discretion to represent a whistleblower who contacts them through use of the Whistleblower Attorney Directory. If a whistleblower contacts you, any negotiations for representation and fee arrangements are strictly between the attorney and the potential client. The NWLDEF and NWC are not responsible for any part of the representation.

Q: Is there a fee for being listed in the Whistleblower Attorney Directory?

A: The NWC has the discretion to charge a fee. Any fees charged for publication in the Directory are established in accordance with District of Columbia Bar Rule 5.4(a)(5). This rule states, in part: "A lawyer may share legal fees, whether awarded by a tribunal or received in settlement of a matter, with a nonprofit organization... that... recommended employment to the lawyer." This rule was designed by the D.C. Bar to "promote the financial viability" of non-profit organizations. If a fee is applicable to your being listed in the Whistleblower Attorney Directory, this matter will be discussed directly with you. The policies regarding fees, if any, shall be uniformly applied to all attorneys who are listed.

Q: How is the NWC and its Whistleblower Attorney Directory funded?

A: The NWC is supported by voluntary donations from supporters like you. Without your support we could not advocate in Congress on behalf of whistleblowers, file amicus briefs in key cases, build strong public support for whistleblowers, or operate any of our other educational or advocacy programs. Donate here to help us continue this work. Even if you do not want to be listed in the Whistleblower Attorney Directory, we urge you to support the NWC and donate today.

Q: How can I get help?

If you need additional help or want to contact an attorney, you can contact us using the NWC Legal Assistance Program and submit a confidential intake form. In addition, The New Whistleblower's Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing What's Right and Protecting Yourself is the first-ever consumer's guide to whistleblowing. It contains twenty-five clear and comprehensive rules that fully explain the how to effectively blow the whistle. This book is also available directly from the publisher, or at a public library. It is very important that you review this resource in order to determine what laws may protect you and whether you need to take immediate action to protect your rights.

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