Get A Reward - Stop Ocean Pollution

Key U.S. laws permit non-U.S. citizens to recieve large monetary rewards for blowing the whistle.
Confidentially Report Ocean Pollution Report Crime
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The Problem

  • Marine life around the globe is under threat from large corporations who are involved in ocean pollution.

  • The plundering of our oceans’ biodiversity is also having an adverse economic impact.

The Solution: Using Powerful Whistleblower Laws To

  • Empower individuals like you to step forward with valuable information on maritime crimes.

  • Enable whistleblowers to work hand-in-hand with legal counsel and seek justice while maintaining confidentiality.

  • Help protect our oceans and wildlife by creating a cycle of accountability and funding.

  • NWC has a successful track record of promoting and using whistleblower laws to stop corporate fraud and waste.

How You Can Help Stop Pollution of our Oceans?

The U.S. government has awarded 205 whistleblowers approximately $33 million in the 100 most recent prosecutions under Act To Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS).

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