How You Can Fight Maritime Crimes

Key U.S. anti-corruption laws permit non-U.S. citizens to report maritime crimes and potentially receive rewards

Maritime crimes including fraud and corruption, the illegal trafficking of fish, wildlife or timber products and ocean pollution happen every day. U.S. whistleblower laws can help individuals report these criminal activities whether or not they are U.S. citizens. 

U.S. Whistleblower Laws Can:

  • Empower people like you to come forward with valuable information about fraud and crime.
  • Help whistleblowers work directly with lawyers and seek justice while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Hold corporations accountable for the damage they do or allow to happen.
  • Reward individual whistleblowers financially.

However, it’s critical that you learn about your rights before you blow the whistle. That’s why NWC offers ten things every whistleblower needs to know.

This critical resource can help reduce risks to whistleblowers and their families.

Want to learn more? Here’s how: