NWC Condemns the Dutch Detention of Whistleblower Trevor Kitchen

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NWC Condemns the Dutch Detention of Whistleblower Trevor Kitchen

WASHINGTON, D.C. | April 27, 2022 — National Whistleblower Center condemns law enforcement in the Netherlands for detaining currency manipulation whistleblower Trevor Kitchen. Kitchen, a former financial controller, reported financial crimes which occurred in 2011 and was charged by the accused with violations of their privacy rights. Privacy related allegations, such at defamation, are frequently used as a form of retaliation against whistleblowers and have a major chilling effect. Law enforcement must be discerning about the use of these laws against whistleblowers, and abstain from taking action against whistleblowers when these allegations are made in the context of whistleblower retaliation.

Trevor Kitchen courageously reported currency manipulation to the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission, assisting in U.S. enforcement efforts and helping to protect the U.S. economy. The global economy has benefitted from Mr. Kitchen’s whistleblowing and the Netherlands – by detaining Mr. Kitchen – is chilling other whistleblowers who may come forward with similarly important information.

According to a report in Whistleblower Network News: The monetary losses caused by the manipulation of the forex market reported by Kitchen have been estimated to represent $11.5 billion per year for Britains’ 20.7 million pension holders, and Kitchen’ s whistleblowing resulted in $6 billion of fines levied and collected against banks in various countries.

Whistleblowers should be rewarded, not legally attacked or detained. Europe is woefully underdeveloped in terms of whistleblower protections. The European Whistleblower Directive has been ignored across the board, and Trevor Kitchen’s detention is another example of how far the EU has yet to come in developing adequate whistleblower protections. The last time a whistleblower in European financial industry was detained, that whistleblower – Bradley Birkenfield – was a major engine behind transforming the Swiss banking system.

NWC supports whistleblowers around the world. We urge Dutch authorities to release Trevor Kitchen immediately. And, we send our support and appreciation to Kitchen for his courageous whistleblowing.

For more information, contact NWC at info@whistleblowers.org.

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