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Below is a sample of the NWC's news coverage. You can find much more, along with staff commentary of current events, on the Whistleblowers Protection Blog.

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Senate Approves “National Whistleblower Appreciation Day” for Second Year
Celebrate National Whistleblower Appreciation Day!
Supreme Court Issues Decision On Key Whistleblower Rights Case
NWC Advocates for Increased International Whistleblower Protection
Stephen Kohn Appears on Washington Journal
National Whistleblowers Center's Work Highlighted in The Washington Post's Year-End Articles
NWC Files Amicus Brief on IRS Whistleblower Program
Obama Signs Whistleblower Protection Bill into Law
Federal Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act Becomes Law
Agence France-Presse — Swiss banks search for new ways to get clients as bank secrecy fades
Washington Post – Stepped-up computer monitoring of federal workers worries privacy advocates
ABC News - FDA Insists It Only Spied on 5 Scientists
Esquire - There Are Spies Among Us, and There Shouldn't Be
Forbes - The FDA WikiLeaks Itself
Wall Street Journal Reviews "The Whistleblower's Handbook"
Grassley: Whistleblower cases stuck ‘in limbo’ under Holder
Fresh dispute about MMR 'fraud'
Federal Diary: Whistleblowers get a defender
Daily Beast Exclusive: NWC Library Donation
Whistleblower ‘Bunny’ Greenhouse wins settlement near $1 million
A bittersweet win for a federal whistleblower
SEC approves new rewards for whistleblowers
SEC whistleblower call draws few tipsters
New wave of whistle-blowers could become millionaires
For Whistle-Blowers, Expanded Incentives
SEC names Sean McKessy to head new whistleblower office
Whistleblower Group Issues Report Saying Cash Incentive Doesn't Drive Informants To Authorities
Whistleblower Skirmish
The Wall Street Snitch Pitch
Whistleblower Group Issues Report Saying Cash Incentive Doesn’t Drive Informants To Authorities
The Guardian – Stephen Kohn on the Espionage Act & Wikileaks
NWC Executive Director Advocates for Strong Whistleblower Protections on C-Span
Telling Swiss secrets: A banker's betrayal
New Wave of Whistleblowers Could Become Millionaires
UBS deal generally welcomed by Swiss and Americans
Swiss Parliament Backs UBS Pact
Senator Grassley June 8, 2010 Press Release
UBS settlement deal blocked in parliament
Is The Army Forcing Out a Gitmo Whistleblower?
Swiss banker turned whistleblower ended up with a prison sentence
Whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld: Some US pols kept off-shore accounts with UBS
UBS Whistleblower To Ask For Clemency This Week
April 15 Plea: Pardon Tax Whistleblower
Clemency sought for imprisoned UBS whistle-blower
UBS Whistle-blower Rues His Tack, Not His Tune
Inside the Cartel
NWC Seminar Airs On C-SPAN
Stephen M. Kohn breaks down S. 372 on Boiling Frogs Post
Hotlined Senate Bill Weakens Whistleblower Protection
Whistleblower bill draws anger, praise from various groups
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