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Free Legal Representation for Whistleblowers Since 1997

The National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund (“Fund”) has sponsored a Attorney Referral Program (“ARP”) for whistleblowers, attempting to locate private sector attorneys to represent whistleblowers. This program is free of charge for all whistleblowers and has connected hundreds of whistleblowers with attorneys. The Fund has never charged a fee to whistleblowers for these services. The Fund accepts intakes from government and private sector whistleblowers and reviews cases concerning retaliation, discrimination, qui tam, and lawsuits filed under the Whistleblower Protection Act (federal employees), Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank Act (corporate employees), among numerous other federal and state laws.

In addition to these programs, the Fund provided legal representation to the National Whistleblower Center. This representation has primarily consisted of filing amicus curiae (“Friend of the Court”) briefs on behalf of the National Whistleblower Center on significant precedent-setting cases.

Free Case Review Process for Whistleblowers

The Fund operates a free-of-charge program in which whistleblowers can fill out a secure intake form that allows whistleblowers to submit basic information about their cases on a confidential basis. The intake form and all communications with the Fund are protected under the attorney-client privilege to the fullest extent permitted under law. Because of the difficulty of matching whistleblowers with attorneys, it is strongly recommended that all whistleblowers continue to try to locate an attorney while their case is under review with the Fund.

Also, it is recommended that you obtain a copy of Rules for Whistleblowers. This book will help you understand the laws that may protect you and will help you explain to prospective attorneys the merits of your case.

Neither the National Whistleblower Center nor the Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund can provide legal advice as part of the LAP intake process. Always remember an attorney does NOT represent you until and unless you have a signed written representation agreement with an attorney.

Fill out the secure intake form.

Notice: The information on this Web site is provided for informational and/or educational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Read the full disclaimer here. The Fund is managed independently from NWC. NWC has no responsibility for actions taken by the Fund.

Whistleblowers looking for legal assistance should also review the resources here.

Other Attorneys and Law Firms that Support NWC: 

The below law firms make significant pro bono contributions to National Whistleblower Center to support our educational and advocacy activities designed to enhance protections for all whistleblowers and call public attention to the contributions of whistleblowers around the world.

For information on how your firm can support NWC and be added to this Directory please email us at

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In January of 2024, National Whistleblower Center (NWC) and its partner organization, the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund have established the Attorney Referral Program (“ARP”) to help whistleblowers obtain representation.

To ensure the fairness of this referral process no referral can be made to any attorney who is an employee, director, trustee, agent, or contractor of the NWC or National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund. Because we cannot make self-referrals, your participation in this program is vital to its success.

Attorneys in NWC’s ARP program are invited to whistleblower attorney meetings, listed on NWC’s website, and recognized as supporters of NWC in addition to receiving dozens of client referrals annually.

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