Global Climate Whistleblower Center

NWC launched its Climate Corruption Campaign to educate and assist climate change whistleblowers. As part of this work, we're investigating the high risk of fraud in key industries like fossil fuels and industrial logging and the geographies they impact around the world.

Climate Corruption Campaign

NWC launched this campaign to assist whistleblowers who wish to report crimes in the three industry sectors responsible for the vast majority of the world’s carbon pollution.

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Do You Have Information About a Climate Risk Disclosure Violation?

Climate-related disclosures are currently covered under federal law, and whistleblowers around the world can help U.S. law enforcement detect and prosecute climate-related fraud and corruption. Notably, the U.S. SEC recently emphasized that it will rely on whistleblowers to identify material gaps and misstatements in climate-related disclosures.

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High Risk Industries

NWC has identified several industries that are at a high risk of fraud: those that are driving climate change like oil and gas, coal and industrial logging, as well as those providing oversight for these industries.

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High Risk Geographies

Learn more about areas at high risk for illegal activities due to the presence of concentrated extraction of fossil fuels, timber, and more.

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Case Studies

NWC has taken a look at several high profile cases in industries with a high risk of fraud in order to highlight the type of fraudulent activities that can occur.

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Exposing a Ticking Time Bomb: How Fossil Fuel Industry Fraud is Setting Us Up for a Financial Implosion – and What Whistleblowers Can Do About It

In a new report, NWC details widespread deception by fossil fuel executives regarding the financial risks of climate change and describes the danger this deception poses to the worldwide economy.

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Climate Risk Disclosure Lab

The Climate Risk Disclosure Lab seeks to support those in government, the private sector, and civil society who are working to address climate change and the risks it poses to the global financial system. The Lab is a joint initiative led by the National Whistleblower Center and two Duke think tanks.

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Climate Whistleblower Laws

Whistleblowers around the world can use powerful whistleblower laws to report concealed, climate-related risks and other forms of corruption that fuel the climate crisis.

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Report Climate Crimes

Whistleblowers around the world can use powerful U.S. laws to report climate-related fraud and corruption. Submit a confidential intake form today.

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Additional Resources

NWC has put together a series of educational resources concerning the high risk of fraud within the fossil fuel and timber industries.

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