Whistleblower 101

What whistleblowers & advocates need to know

Know Your Rights

NWC has put together a knowledge map of the resources we have available for everyone from potential whistleblowers to policymakers to journalists to help educate them on major laws, best practices, and more.

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Why Whistleblowing Works

Whistleblowers are the first line of defense against corruption, fraud, and wrongdoing and the single most effective source for information about fraud and other illegal activities.

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Best Practices for Whistleblower Laws

In order for whistleblower laws to be successful, there are key elements that must be included. Learn more about the protections and guarantees that whistleblowers need.

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Guidance for Whistleblowers

Blowing the whistle is a complex process. Learn more about why to avoid internal reporting channels, what the filing deadlines are for different laws, and more.

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How Non-Governmental Organizations Can Help

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can play an important role in addressing gaps in whistleblower protection by serving as intermediaries.

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Debunking Whistleblower Myths

Stigmas, myths, and falsehoods follow whistleblowers and the laws that protect them. In order to sift through these myths, the National Whistleblower Center provides a guide debunking some of these claims about whistleblowers.

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The Impact of Whistleblowers

Whistleblower disclosures have rocked industries and governments. Learn more about the various ways in which these brave people have changed our world.

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