Strengthen Existing U.S. Whistleblower Laws

NWC works every day to protect and strengthen the complex network of dozens of existing whistleblower laws that exist on the federal, state, and local level in the U.S.

Ensure Accountability in Coronavirus Spending

As the United States faces the growing threat of coronavirus, the unfortunate reality is that people will likely try to profit off this disaster with fraudulent misconduct. That’s why the National Whistleblower Center has launched a campaign to ensure accountability in federal coronavirus spending.

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Empower Whistleblowers to Stop Securities Fraud

NWC works to strengthen the whistleblower program administered by the Securities & Exchange Commission and to defeat efforts to weaken this program, such as proposals to place caps on rewards or to create unreasonable procedural hurdles for whistleblowers.

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Combat Tax Fraud

Despite its success, there are still reforms needed for the IRS Whistleblower Program. NWC is working to clarify judicial standard of review and incentivize timely award disbursal for tax fraud whistleblowers.

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Demand Court Access for Federal Employee Whistleblowers

Federal employee whistleblowers should have access to federal court review. Currently, federal employees cannot have their whistleblower cases heard in federal district court, but must instead rely on the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), which has a severe backlog of cases.

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Support Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Whisteblowers

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) whistleblowers deserve protection and fair treatment. The DOJ should immediately implement the priority recommendations of the GAO for FBI whistleblowers.

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Reform the Occupational Safety and Health Act

By creating this Act, Congress recognized the need for protecting whistleblowers, but over time these protections have proven to be inadequate. Today, workers must choose between losing their job or becoming sick from Covid-19.

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Enact a National Whistleblower Day

On July 30th, 1778, our Founders unanimously passed America's first whistleblower protection law. This visionary action, taken during the height of the American Revolution, stands today as a testament to the importance of whistleblowing in our history.

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