Each of the National Whistleblower Center's ten priority campaigns is focused on protecting people and the environment from corruption - with whistleblowers serving in a critical leadership role.

2024 Campaign Priorities

There is one year remaining for Congress and the current-sitting executive officers to act on a number pending whistleblower initiatives, all of which have strong bipartisan support, are based on the plain meaning of laws already passed by Congress, and which are individually or collectively essential for the implementation of the U.S. Anti-Corruption Strategy.

Major Campaigns of 2024
Implementation of FinCEN Rules

The Treasury Department must enact regulations fully implementing the money laundering and sanctions whistleblower provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Act. This law has been in effect since January 1, 2021, but Treasury has failed to implement the required regulations.

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DoJ must Accept Anonymous WB Claims

The Department of Justice is required under law to accept anonymous and confidential whistleblower disclosures concerning violations of the Bank Secrecy Act. In contempt of its legal requirements the Justice Department has ignored this law, and has failed to adopt regulations.

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Reform SEC Whistleblower Program

Although the SEC Whistleblower Program has been hugely successful, there are two persisting problems. #1: the law does not prevent retaliation against internal whistleblowers. #2: the definition of "voluntary whistleblower" in the SEC regulations creates unnecessary barriers, excluding otherwise fully qualified whistleblowers.

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Improve IRS Whistleblower Program

The IRS Whistleblower Program is riddled with inefficiencies, including extreme delays in rewarding whistleblowers. The IRS Whistleblower Reform Act can fix these problems.

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Strengthen the False Claims Act

The qui tam provision of the False Claims Act (FCA) is under attack. Congress must address a loophole in the FCA to protect the highly effective qui tam provision.

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Pass CFTC Fund Improvement Act

The CFTC Fund is becoming a victim of its own success. Congress set a low cap on the fund for whistleblower rewards, and since the program has been so successful, money is running low. Congress must pass this bill to ensure whistleblowers are compensated and the program remains a success.

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Make NWD Permanent

The U.S. Senate has unanimously recognized National Whistleblower Day on an annual basis for over a decade now. We are calling on the President to issue an Executive Order to make NWD Permanent in order to honor the history of whistleblowers in the US, change the culture, and demand justice and respect.

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Protect Forests from Industrial Logging

A key element of NWC's Climate Corruption Campaign is to educate and assist whistleblowers around the world in the fight against crimes in industrial logging industry, one of the sectors responsible for the vast majority of the world’s carbon pollution.

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Combat Corruption in the Fossil Fuel Industry

NWC launched its Climate Corruption Campaign to educate and assist whistleblowers around the world in exposing illegal activities in industry sectors responsible for the vast majority of the world’s carbon pollution, including the oil & gas and coal industries.

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Protect Endangered Wildlife from Illegal Trafficking

NWC educates and assists potential wildlife trafficking whistleblowers of any nationality in order to dramatically increase the number of high-quality confidential reports essential to detect wildlife crimes and enforce the laws prohibiting illegal trafficking around the globe.

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Safeguard Oceans from Shipping Pollution

Since ships that ignore and bypass environmental regulations do so far away from official oversight and well into international waters, whistleblowers are a crucial component for detecting and preventing illegal pollution globally.

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Conserve Ocean Fisheries Threatened by Illegal Fishing

Illegal fishing threatens ecosystems and puts food security and regional stability at risk around the globe. Whistleblower reports are key to ending illegal fishing practices and allowing ecosystems and fish populations to recover from the strain of overfishing.

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