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Each of the National Whistleblower Center's nine priority campaigns is focused on protecting people and the environment from corruption - with whistleblowers serving in a critical leadership role.

Hold Social Media Companies Accountable

NWC launched its campaign to hold social media companies accountable for unchecked criminal activity on their websites. The initial phase of the campaign was aimed at curtailing illegal wildlife trafficking on Facebook and other social media websites, with four whistleblower petitions filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Protect Endangered Wildlife from Illegal Trafficking

NWC’s Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program is a secure worldwide web-based platform designed to educate and incentivize potential whistleblowers in order to dramatically increase the number of high-quality confidential reports essential to detect wildlife crimes and enforce the laws prohibiting illegal trafficking worldwide.

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Safeguard Oceans from Shipping Pollution

Sub-standard ships and poor shipping practices are leading to massive pollution and damage. Whistleblowers are the key to preventing illegal oil and waste pollution in our oceans. Since ships that ignore and bypass environmental regulations do so far away from official oversight and in international waters, whistleblowers are a crucial component for detecting and preventing illegal pollution.

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Conserve Ocean Fisheries Threatened by Illegal Fishing

Illegal fishing threatens ecosystems and puts food security and regional stability at risk. Whistleblower reports are key to ending illegal fishing practices and allowing ecosystems and fish populations to recover from the strain of overfishing.

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Protect Forests from the Illegal Timber Trade

Illegal logging is the international trade of illegally extracted timber, which is often used to make products such as paper, packaging, and furniture. Timber can be illegally harvested, transported, processed, bought, and sold in violation of national regulations.

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Enact a National Whistleblower Day

On July 30th, 1778, our Founders unanimously passed America's first whistleblower protection law. This visionary action, taken during the height of the American Revolution, stands today as a testament to the importance of whistleblowing in our history. This is a day that should be remembered and celebrated.

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Protect Federal Whistleblowers

NWC works to defend those brave whistleblowers who expose fraud, corruption, and waste. NWC does this work through vigorously fighting against any retrenchment or minimization of existing whistleblower laws and protections, as well as through fighting for proactive additional laws and protections for whistleblowers.

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Empower Whistleblowers to Stop Securities Fraud

NWC works to strengthen the whistleblower program administered by the Securities & Exchange Commission and to defeat efforts to weaken this program, such as proposals to place caps on rewards or to create unreasonable procedural hurdles for whistleblowers.

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Combating Tax Fraud

Under the bipartisan leadership of Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Wyden (D-OR), Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Finance, Congress has passed the Taxpayer First Act, which includes important reforms to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblower program.

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