Each of the National Whistleblower Center's nine priority campaigns is focused on protecting people and the environment from corruption - with whistleblowers serving in a critical leadership role.

Combat Corruption in the Fossil Fuel Industry

NWC launched its Climate Corruption Campaign to educate and assist whistleblowers around the world in exposing illegal activities in the three industry sectors responsible for the vast majority of the world’s carbon pollution, including the oil & gas and coal industries.

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Protect Forests from Industrial Logging

A key element of NWC's Climate Corruption Campaign is to educate and assist whistleblowers around the world in the fight against crimes in industrial logging industry, one of the sectors responsible for the vast majority of the world’s carbon pollution.

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Counter Money Laundering

Many criminals are successfully hiding their ill-gotten gains by laundering them through the global banking system. New bipartisan whistleblower legislation pending before the U.S. Senate has international implications for combating this crime and gives whistleblowers around the world a central role in the fight.

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Strengthen U.S. Whistleblower Laws

NWC works every day to protect and strengthen the complex network of dozens of existing whistleblower laws that exist on the federal, state, and local level in the U.S.

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Strengthen E.U. Whistleblower Laws

NWC is working with NGOs and partners to combat corruption and strengthen whistleblower laws within the European Union following the Whistleblowing Directive passed by Parliament in April 2019.

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Protect Endangered Wildlife from Illegal Trafficking

NWC educates and assists potential wildlife trafficking whistleblowers of any nationality in order to dramatically increase the number of high-quality confidential reports essential to detect wildlife crimes and enforce the laws prohibiting illegal trafficking around the globe.

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Safeguard Oceans from Shipping Pollution

Since ships that ignore and bypass environmental regulations do so far away from official oversight and well into international waters, whistleblowers are a crucial component for detecting and preventing illegal pollution globally.

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Conserve Ocean Fisheries Threatened by Illegal Fishing

Illegal fishing threatens ecosystems and puts food security and regional stability at risk around the globe. Whistleblower reports are key to ending illegal fishing practices and allowing ecosystems and fish populations to recover from the strain of overfishing.

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Hold Social Media Companies Accountable

NWC is fighting to hold social media companies accountable for unchecked criminal activity on their websites, including trafficking, terror and hate content, and the sale of illegal antiquities, with four whistleblower petitions filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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