Blowing the whistle can be complicated and daunting. The National Whistleblower Center has compiled some of our key resources to educate whistleblowers through frequently asked questions, factsheets, reports, presentations and more.


Read NWC's special reports on topics ranging from fossil fuel fraud to wildlife whistleblowing here.

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Look at factsheets from NWC aimed at educating whistleblowers and others from across industries on what fraud looks like, safe ways to report wrongdoing, and more.

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Take a look at some of our best presentations to learn more about the legal options available to whistleblowers around the world.

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Amicus Curiae Briefs

Read the Amicus Curiae briefs written and filed by attorneys affiliated with NWC in precedent-setting cases around the country.

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Congressional Testimony

We regularly provide expert testimony before Congress on matters that impact whistleblowers and whistleblower programs.

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Find answers to questions like: How can you protect yourself from retaliation when reporting corporate corruption? What are your rights when facing retaliation? How can you qualify for a financial reward when blowing the whistle?

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The Whistleblower's Handbook

Learn more about the Whistleblower's Handbook, the essential guide for learning about blowing the whistle and whistleblower protections.

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