Whistleblowers Know Your Rights

Safeguard against retaliation. Whistleblowing takes experience and preparation. Many states provide whistleblower protection laws. Deciding which law you should report under is in many ways the single most important decision affecting the outcome of a case. NWC will continue to assist all whistleblowers that report corruption and fraud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you protect yourself from retaliation when reporting corporate corruption? What are your rights when facing retaliation? How can you qualify for a financial reward when blowing the whistle? Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) organized by topic.  

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Legal Assistance

Learn how to obtain Legal Assistance. This is a confidential free service for whistleblowers. Attorneys working with the NWLDEF will review the information provided.

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Law Library

Links to law libraries and special collections of materials of interest to whistleblowers to look up important cases and laws for your own legal research. Whistleblower protection laws vary by state. Learn how you can safeguard your career.

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The New Whistleblower's Handbook:

The NWC strongly urges every whistleblower to obtain information about their rights and how to protect themselves. The New Whistleblower Handbook is the essential reference guide for whistleblowers and anyone considering blowing the whistle.

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Legal Advocacy

Attorneys affiliated with the NWC have written and filed numerous Amicus Curiae briefs in precedent-setting cases around the country. Review the Amicus Curiae briefs submitted on behalf of whistleblowers.

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Submit Confidential Report:

Our secure and confidential reporting system allows whistleblowers to disclose wrongdoing, file qui tam claims or report retaliation. Staff attorneys at the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund review the report and will respond to you if you provide your contact information.


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