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Support FDA Whistleblowers

When doctors and scientists at the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) tried to expose serious threats to American safety, agency officials retaliated and swept concerns under the rug.

The FDA employees, most of whom lost their jobs, had evidence that certain medical devices endangered patients’ health and should not have gained FDA approval. Their concerns about patient safety fell on deaf ears within the agency, however, so they chose to elevate their concerns legally and confidentially to Congress.

What followed spawned another NWC campaign, Halting Whistleblower Surveillance. Corrupt officials at the FDA launched a massive surveillance program targeting the whistleblowers, with the ultimate goal of discovering information to discredit them.

The NWC is fighting to reinstate the whistleblowers and reverse the chilling effect that such events have on every other employee at the FDA—and at other federal agencies. Until the federal government recognizes the contributions that these brave employees made to American health and safety, others will stay silent about safety concerns that they witness.

You can get involved on our Protect FDA Employees action page. Together we can save American lives before they are lost.