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Stop Illegal Offshore Banking

Illegal Offshore Banking creates a harbor for organized crime, and it is the main facilitator of money laundering worldwide. Stopping this practice is essential for cutting America's national Debt.


In 2009, whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld exposed a massive tax evasion scheme at UBS Bank. His inside information forced the bank to pay a $780 million fine and turn over the names of 4,500 secret account holders. All told, the government has now recovered $5 billion in taxes and fines from these and many other wealthy account holders.

But independent investigators give a "conservative" estimate that offshore banks still hide $21-$32 trillion in untaxed private wealth. This amount dwarfs the size of America's national debt ($16 trillion), and it leads to about $189 billion in lost taxes globally each year.

There are more honest bankers. 

The National Whistleblowers Center has launched this campaign to accomplish three goals:

  1. Educate international bankers on their rights as whistleblowers
  2. Protect bank whistleblowers using existing rewards laws
  3. Create new reward and protection laws around the world   

If you are aware of illegal offshore banking activity, the NWC has resources to help you learn your rights and safely report fraud. The system can work for you. Submit a confidential report through our secure server or contact us by mail.