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Whistleblowers locate the Attorney Referral Service through government agencies, including the EEOC, FBI, and the Department of Labor. Other referrals come from our national press and media coverage, corporate employee assistance programs, labor unions, public interest groups, and from our website.

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Program Details

We receive numerous intakes daily, many of which set forth a potentially valid whistleblower claim. The intakes are processed in the following manner:

  1. Initial Screening – A paralegal intake specialist reviews each intake to determine if it falls within the scope of the ARS program and, if so, which whistleblower practice area(s) match with the contents of the report.
  2. Follow-Up – Many whistleblowers do not provide enough information in their initial report for our staff to make an informed recommendation. For these cases, we will contact the whistleblower to conduct a follow-up interview.
  3. Response – An attorney working with the Fund will make a decision on how to process the referral based on the contents of the initial report, the results of any interview, and the paralegal intake specialist's recommendation. The possible determinations are as follows:
    • List Referral - In most cases, we will send the whistleblower a list of attorneys who are members of the ARS and who have expressed interest in obtaining referrals in the subject area for which the intake appears to fall. For example, if a federal employee contacts the ARS, that person will be given a list of ARS members who are willing to represent federal employees.
    • Directed Referral - In a small number of cases, we are able to identify an attorney on our referral list who is a strong match for a particular report. When this happens, we will contact the attorney's office and discuss the potential case. If there is interest, we will encourage the whistleblower to contact the attorney directly.
    • Out of Program - Some of the reports we receive fall outside of the scope of the ARS program. In such cases, no referral is made. Instead, we provide information about additional resources that might be of benefit.

The decision to take a case, as well as your fee agreement, rests strictly between you and the potential client. We do not charge any referral fees, and we do not make endorsements of any kind.

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Additional Benefits Include:

  • Opportunities to Co-counsel cases: In appropriate cases, opportunities may exist to have a co-counsel relationship with experienced attorneys at the Fund, enabling you to get guidance when you need it.
  • Amicus Curiae Brief Support Network: Fund attorneys file Amicus Curiae briefs in selected precedent-setting cases. Please contact us if you are an attorney for which an Amicus brief would prove essential or if you are interested in working with the Fund to write these briefs to support our nationwide network of members.
  • Whistleblowers Protection Blog: Contributing articles to the Whistleblowers Protection Blog will bring attention to your cases and highlight developments within whistleblower law. As an ARS member, you are encouraged to use our Blog to highlight your major cases and victories.
  • A subscription to the NWC Action Alert Network: An online advocacy tool highlighting important legislative initiatives to strengthen whistleblower rights, as well as national and international advocacy efforts.


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Please do not hesitate to contact the intake coordinator by email if you need further information.

The ARS is operated by the National Whistleblower Legal Defense & Education Fund.