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Pass A National Whistleblower Protection Act!
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The absence of a comprehensive National Whistleblower Protection Act has resulted in serious loopholes in protection. This creates major hardship for honest employees who speak the truth to prevent disaster, only to learn that their government has let them down.

Thousands of American workers report waste, fraud, and abuse every year. After every man-made catastrophe, we learn that the truth was silenced. We have a choice. We can listen to these brave employees and prevent the next financial collapse, oil spill, or threat to national security. Or, we can leave the truth unprotected and lose countless lives and untold amounts of tax dollars.

The choice is clear. We must pass a National Whistleblower Protection Act.

Take Action! Sign this petition for a National Whistleblower Protection Act!

Check out a proposed National Whistleblower Protection Act written by NWC experts that Congress could introduce and pass tomorrow.

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