Best Practices for Whistleblower Laws

In order for whistleblower laws to be successful, there are key elements that must be included. Learn more about the protections and guarantees that whistleblowers need.

Four Best Practices for Whistleblower Laws

There has been a growing global interest in establishing whistleblower laws, with whistleblower protections enacted in at least 59 countries. However, many laws still fall short of supporting effective whistleblowing. There are four key elements of the most successful whistleblower laws.

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The Importance of Rewards

The presence of reward laws sends a message to potential whistleblowers that their information is valued and can mitigate the risks of retaliation. They create a safe, effective, and highly successful method for employees to disclose fraud to the appropriate authorities.

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Individuals who come forward with evidence of fraud or wrongdoing at a company or organization may find themselves retaliated against for their disclosures. The best way for a whistleblower to prevent retaliation is to remain anonymous.

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