Cooperating Attorney Network

Learn more about the the National Whistleblower Center’s Cooperating Attorney Network

NWC’s Cooperating Attorney Network is comprised of highly qualified attorneys across the United States who have agreed to provide services to whistleblowers that submit cases through NWC’s Legal Assistance Program (LAP) intake system. Whistleblower intake forms are assigned to Cooperating Attorneys taking into consideration the best interest of the whistleblower making the submission.

Attorneys within the network work with whistleblowers to evaluate their cases and, when an agreement can be reached, provide representation in their efforts to secure rewards and other remedies. They also commit to annual consideration of donations to NWC or to share in attorney fees received by those attorneys in accordance with Rule 5.4(a)(5) of the D.C Rules of Professional Conduct. Together these donations and fees enable NWC to operate its Legal Assistance Program and advance its mission in protecting whistleblowers. This method of funding has no impact on the size of rewards received by whistleblowers or the amount of attorney fees paid by whistleblowers to Cooperating Attorneys.

Donation from Cooperating Attorneys to NWC under this system must come strictly from the attorney fees.  The whistleblower-client cannot be charged for this donation, and the amount of a reward obtained by the whistleblower cannot be reduced in any manner based on this donation.  The scope of the obligation to pay this donation is strictly between the Cooperating Attorney and NWC.  Under no circumstances whatsoever will any whistleblower be asked to make this donation.

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