Ten Things Every Whistleblower Needs to Know

Whistleblowers put their jobs, reputations, and sometimes even physical well-being on the line to report fraud, criminal violations, or threats to the environment and public safety. To help reduce risks to whistleblowers and their families, NWC offers ten things every whistleblower needs to know.

What Securities Whistleblowers Need to Know

Are you a stockbroker, accountant or other financial industry professional concerned you’ve witnessed activity that may be illegal? Learn how U.S. law allows anyone to report potential fraud and other wrongdoing while protecting their identity and potentially receiving an award.

What Fossil Fuel Whistleblowers Need to Know

Have you witnessed financial fraud at the fossil fuel company or auditing firm where you work?Under modern whistleblower award laws like the Dodd Frank Act, anyone with original information about securities-related crimes can confidentially disclose such information to U.S. law enforcement authorities.

What Journalists Need to Know About Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers are protected by a network of laws, but the level of protection depends on what they disclose, to whom, and how. It may not always be in the whistleblower’s interest to work with the press. Journalists working with insiders need to be sure they know how whistleblowing works.

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