National First Responder Day Panel

October 28, 2022
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Join NWC for National First Responder Day!

October 28, National First Responder Day, recognizes the important contribution that courageous women and men perform daily. Many times, these diligent individuals place themselves in harm’s way to save lives. This decision to save lives may involve revealing misconduct or reporting dangerous behavior. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to report such infractions. The Lamplighter Project works to remove barriers to whistleblowing, preventing retaliation, and elevating ethical officers. The National Whistleblower Center is dedicated to protecting and rewarding whistleblowers internationally. This panel discussion highlights the importance of whistleblowing in the First Responder Community as well as informing this community of their rights and what happens when a courageous individual decides to blow the whistle. This discussion will highlight lamplighter stories and help to shed light on important information about blowing the whistle.

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