Annual Reports

Every December, the National Whistleblower Center releases a report detailing the whistleblower successes that we contributed to over the course of the year. Find past reports below.

2023 EOY Report

In 2023, NWC drastically expanded our international scope, speaking at the UN's CoSP 10 Conference, and celebrated the 10th annual National Whistleblower Day.

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2022 EOY Report

In 2022 NWC exceeded expectations. NWC was invited to present around the world, a global leader in whistleblower issues and best practices. Further, NWC was able to make major legislative strides including the passage of improvements to the AML Whistleblower Program.

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2021 EOY Report

In 2021 National Whistleblower Center showed great resilience. Our relentless campaigns resulted in advances in climate protection efforts, safeguarding wildlife, and ensuring that public spending is protected worldwide.

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2020 EOY Report

2020 was a year of dramatic change. Against this backdrop, NWC continued its work in supporting whistleblowers – including those who have spoken out against Covid-19, police violence, and corruption in the industries driving climate change.

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2019 EOY Report

2019 was a big year for NWC in more ways than one. We saw major organizational changes, a groundbreaking new climate change campaign, a series of policy achievements, and unprecedented news coverage of our mission.

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2018 EOY Report

In 2018, NWC continued its work to strengthen whistleblower protections and incentives, defend whistleblowers’ rights, and educate people at home and abroad about the power of whistleblowers in combating fraud and corruption.

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2016 EOY Report

In 2016, the NWC was selected as a Grand Prize Winner in the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge. NWC’s Grand Prize-Winning solution, the Secure Internet Wildlife Crime Reporting System, is a secure online platform where whistleblowers can safely and anonymously file reports of wildlife crimes.

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