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The National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund (“Fund”) is an independent public interest law firm dedicated to providing pro bono assistance to whistleblowers. The Fund was founded in 1992 by the partners of the whistleblower and qui tam law firm of Kohn, Kohn and Colapinto due to the tremendous need to find attorneys to represent whistleblowers. It also represents the National Whistleblower Center as the NWC battles to increase legal protections for whistleblowers.

Since 1992, the Fund has sponsored a whistleblower legal assistance program for whistleblowers. In addition to representing whistleblowers in precedent-setting cases, the Fund has attempted to locate private sector attorneys to represent whistleblowers. This program operated free of charge for all whistleblowers has connected thousands of whistleblowers with attorneys. The Fund has never charged a fee to whistleblowers for these services and, it does not charge a referral fee for the attorneys who have taken on cases. The Fund accepts intakes from both government and private sector whistleblowers and reviews cases concerning retaliation, qui tam, and lawsuits filed under the Dodd-Frank Act, among numerous other laws.

The Fund also co-founded the educational and advocacy web page,, with the National Whistleblower Center. This site is the Fund’s primary public education resource. The Fund also published the This blog transformed into the online newspaper, Whistleblower Network News, in 2020.

Today, whistleblowers can fill out a secure intake form that allows whistleblowers to submit basic information about their cases on a confidential basis. The intake form, and all communication with the Fund, are protected under the attorney-client privilege. The Fund contracts with an outside experienced whistleblower law firm whose attorneys are licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia. Attorneys from this law firm review every intake and make all decisions regarding the intakes. This review is conducted free of charge on a pro bono basis.

Notice: The Trustees of the Fund are not involved, in any way, with the assessment of intakes. They do not make any decisions related to any of the intakes. All intakes decisions are made by the attorneys with whom the Fund has contracted to process them.

If you would like an attorney working on behalf of the Fund to review your potential legal case, please fill out the confidential whistleblower intake form.

For more information about how the whistleblower intake process works, read the Whistleblower Legal Assistance FAQs.

Your privacy is important to us. We consider all communications to the Fund to be strictly confidential. Attorneys with whom the Fund has contracted will review the information provided. Also, if you do not wish to submit this form online, you may print it out, fill in the answers, and mail completed forms to NWLDEF, 1800 M Street, #33888, Washington, D.C. 20033.

The Fund’s review of your form is a pro bono public service. Neither the Fund nor any attorney working with the Fund represents you unless the attorney and you sign a written representation agreement.

If you have a question about the form or want to confirm it was received, email the intake coordinator at

Please Note:  This page is operated by the National Whistleblower Legal Defense & Education Fund.

Notice:  The information contained in this Web site is provided for informational and/or educational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any matter. Read the full disclaimer here. The Fund is managed independently from NWC. NWC has no responsibility for actions taken by the Fund.

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