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Mary Jane Wilmoth

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Mary Jane Wilmoth

Mary Jane Wilmoth

Mary Jane Wilmoth joined the NWC as a Public Interest Law Fellow in 1993. A highly effective whistleblower attorney, she served as co-counsel in the nuclear whistleblower case Hobby v. Georgia Power Co., where the presiding judge noted Ms. Wilmoth “brought significant specialized knowledge” to the case and “demonstrated skill and experience.” Hobby v. Georgia Power Co., Case No. 90-ERA-30 D&O.

Ms. Wilmoth serves as both the corporate secretary and treasurer for the National Whistleblower Center. She has advocated for whistleblowers for over twenty years.  In addition to her position as an attorney, Ms. Wilmoth developed the NWC’s Internet presence and has overseen the NWC’s website since its inception in 1997. She is the leader of the NWC’s highly successful public advocacy programs, which have resulted in major legislation and policies advancing whistleblower rights.

Read about Ms. Wilmoth’s major contributions to whistleblower law and protections.

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