CBS News Program Highlights Whistleblowers

Published on September 07, 2018

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CBS News Program Highlights Whistleblowers

WASHINGTON, D.C. | September 7, 2018. This summer CBS News’ Whistleblower drew praise as it gave whistleblowers prime time  exposure. Each week introduced “cases in which ordinary people step up to do the extraordinary by risking their careers, their families and even their lives to ensure others are not harmed or killed by unchecked, unethical corporate greed,” stated CBS.

The August 17, 2018, episode was a special one hour broadcast on Dr. Aaron Westrick, the whistleblower who exposed unsafe bullet proof vests sold to hundreds of local police departments, the U.S. military and Secret Service. The show, Whistleblower, highlighted Dr. Westrick’s 14-year qui tam lawsuit against the manufacturers of faulty bulletproof vests made with the fabric Zylon.

Aaron Westrick
Learn more about Westrick’s case .



Learn more about Chepurko’s case.

The season finale aired on August 31, featuring the Case of THE 100 Million Dollar Scam, detailing the incredible story of Alex “Sasha” Chepurko who blew the whistle on a nationwide biofuels scam.

Chepurko was just 21 when he went up against Caravan Trading, a New Jersey-based company that made $50 million a year buying and selling the raw materials for making biofuel.  The company was selling finished biodiesel to another company that pretended it made biodiesel and then applied for the government incentives and tax breaks for making green energy products.

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