DOJ to Recognize National Whistleblower Day, Implements Educational Whistleblower Programming

Published on July 02, 2024

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In Letter to NWC, U.S. DOJ to Recognize National Whistleblower Day, Implements Educational Programming to Promote Awareness of Whistleblower Protections

WASHINGTON, D.C. | July 2nd, 2024 — Last week, National Whistleblower Center received a letter from Mike Williams, Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice, responding to the NWC’s requests that the Agency implement whistleblower training and education for its employees to honor National Whistleblower Day this coming July 30th, 2024.

The letter stated that the Department has recently taken initiatives to ensure all employees and contractors are aware of and understand their whistleblower rights and protections. These initiatives include an April memo for all DOJ employees and contractors that provided information on their whistleblower protections, a fact sheet titled “Whistleblower Rights for Contractors,” a training handout created by the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) titled “Know Your Rights When Reporting Wrongs,” and an educational video created by the DOJ Office of the Inspector General titled “Reporting Wrongdoing: Whistleblower Rights and Protections.”  The video is open for public viewing on the DOJ OIG’s website.

This letter also affirmed the Department of Justice’s commitment to honoring National Whistleblower Center this coming July 30th, 2024. The Agency will make an effort to remind employees and contractors of the available educational programming and resources for whistleblower protections through their Office of the Chief Learning Officer.

National Whistleblower Center was happy to see the Department affirm their support of National Whistleblower Day and applauds their recent strides towards increasing whistleblower education and training for their employees. We remain committed to encouraging all federal agencies and departments to take similar steps to not only recognize National Whistleblower Day, but implement similar programs to support employees’ whistleblower rights.

NWC Executive Director Siri Turner is available for comment. For more information, contact NWC at

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