Published on March 15, 2023

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NWC & Mozilla Team Up to Address Tech Accountability

WASHINGTON, D.C. | MARCH 15, 2023 — On Thursday, March 16, 2023, at 11 AM, National Whistleblower Center will host a Twitter Space with Mozilla, the non-profit behind Firefox, to discuss tech accountability and the role whistleblowers play in revealing privacy violations. The discussion on Twitter will be live, and available for anyone regardless of whether they have a Twitter account.

In this live, real-time audio, conversation, Siri Nelson, Executive Director at National Whistleblower Center will talk with Solana Larsen, editor of Mozilla’s Internet Health Report and member of Mozilla’s Insights team; and Stefan Baack a Research and data analyst for the Insights Team of the Mozilla Foundation.

Together the trio will discuss the coming Mozfest, whistleblowers, and tech industry integrity. They will also discuss Apply Whistleblower, Thomas Le Bonniec’s March 24 Mozfest panel: “Is my phone listening to me?” and other political questions around privacy.

The Twitter Space will be one hour long, and include time for live Q&A. Join NWC and Mozilla on Thursday, March 16, at 11 AM EST here:

NWC Executive Director Siri Nelson is available for comment. For more information, contact NWC at

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