Timber Case Studies

The National Whistleblower Center has taken a look at several high profile cases in the timber industry to highlight the type of fraudulent activities that can occur.

Misleading Investors About Sustainable Timber Harvesting

A securities class action lawsuit alleged that timber company Rayonier violated federal securities laws by concealing systemic over-harvesting in Washington state.

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Fraudulent Labelling of Timber Sources

In a landmark case, U.S.-based Lumber Liquidators was fined $13 million under the Lacey Act for illegally importing hardwood flooring from the Russian Far East.

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Fraudulent Use of Trans-Shipment Points to Conceal Timber Origins

A recent NGO report alleges that protected timber illegally harvested by Chinese company dodged U.S. conservation laws via numerous middlemen.

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Falsification of Timber Export Documents

A recent case concerning disappearing containers of rare wood from Gabon demonstrates the role that whistleblowers can play in combatting fraud in the timber industry.

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