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Support Federal Employees Whistleblowers

Federal Employee Whistleblowers Should Have Access to Federal Court Review.

Protect Federal employees by making their voices heard. Federal employees cannot have their whistleblower cases heard in federal district court, but instead must go before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). The MSPB, which is appointed by the President, reviews the whistleblower cases of federal employees. It has not had a quorum to hear cases since President Trump entered office. The Board is supposed to have three members and needs a quorum of two to act. Currently there is only one member on the Board. As a result, there is now a backlog of over 750 cases.

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Protect SEC Whistleblower Program – Dodd Frank Act

Stop corporate fraud. The Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) created the SEC Whistleblower Program, which has grown into one of the best whistleblower programs in the country and one of the most effective checks on corporate fraud. Since the whistleblower program began in 2012, the SEC has paid $160 in whistleblower rewards.

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Protect the False Claims Act

The False Claims Act is America’s Most Important Whistleblower Law. One of the most important aspects of the False Claims Act are the qui tam, or whistleblower, provision. It allows any individual or non-governmental organization to file a False Claims Act lawsuit on behalf of the United States Government. According to a DOJ press release, $3.7 billion in FCA settlements and judgements were recovered in 2017. $3.4 billion of the recovered monies can be attributed to whistleblower-initiated cases, and $392 million were given as rewards to relators. There are now around 600 new whistleblower cases annually.

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