The coal industry is currently grappling with major financial challenges on several fronts, including drastic decreases in demand. Due to these and other difficulties, the industry is at high risk of fraud.

Combatting Fraud in the Coal Industry

Despite projections over the past decade, coal remains a major force in the global energy market, accounting for almost 40% of electricity generation worldwide. It is also a sector with substantial opportunity for corruption.

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High Risk of Fraud in the Coal Industry

As the coal industry faces growing regulatory and financial threats to the core of its business model, the pressure to meet targets and prove the industry’s long-term viability may create the temptation for fraud.

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Coal Case Studies

NWC has taken a look at several high profile cases in the coal industry to highlight the type of fraudulent activities that can occur.

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Coal Whistleblower FAQ

There is a large framework of U.S. laws that address many of the likely frauds in the coal industry. These laws can protect and reward whistleblowers with knowledge of fraud.

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Report Fraud Now