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A key component of the National Whistleblower Center’s Legal Assistance Program is educating and training potential whistleblowers by offering information about whistleblower law and procedure through trainings and workshops, reports, and regular postings to our website, blog and social media channels.

NWC regularly attends and participates in major conferences and events in order to share our expertise in whistleblower law and policy with potential whistleblowers, policy makers, and the public.

Here’s where you can find us in 2021:


UN Development Programme – Blue Justice
January 21, 2021
New York, New York, USA
NWC’s Executive Director John Kostyack, whistleblower law firm Kohn, Kohn, & Colaptino’s Stephen M. Kohn and Maraya Best, and Whistleblowing International’s Mark Worth to discuss the role of citizens in exposing & stopping illegal fishing at UNDP’s webinar “Protecting and Incentivizing Whistleblowers to Combat Fisheries Crimes.”

Previous Events

Primer Foro Internacional: La Innovación en la Justicia
November 21st – 23rd
Mexico City, Mexico
Executive Director John Kostyack spoke at México Evalúa’s First International Forum on Innovation in Justice on a panel discussing reporting corruption and the role of whistleblowers.

Duke Sanford Ways & Means Podcast
November 14th
Durham, North Carolina, USA
NWC Policy Counsel Karen Torrent joined the Ways & Means Podcast to discuss the new Climate Risk Disclosure Lab

Wake Forest University Center for the Study of Capitalism
September 22nd 
Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA
Executive Director John Kostyack featured on a WFU webinar titled “The Balancing Act: The Role of Whistleblowers in American Commerce and Government” 

TNRC Learning Series – World Wildlife Fund
September 2020
Washington, DC, USA
Executive Director John Kostyack and NWC co-founder Stephen M. Kohn joined the Targeting Natural Resource Corruption series webinar titled, “Whistleblower protection: A tool for stopping the corruption that threatens the world’s forests, fisheries and wildlife,” to discuss whistleblower laws and their applicability for combating wildlife crimes.

National Whistleblower Day
July 30th
Washington, DC, USA
This year’s National Whistleblower Day focused on the role of whistleblowers in addressing crises like Covid-19, climate change, and racial injustice. NWD 2020 featured a slate of distinguished speakers including members of Congress, whistleblowers, & advocates.

ACFE Global Fraud Conference
June 21st – 24th
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Board Chairman Stephen Kohn spoke at the ACFE Global Fraud Conference along with Danske Bank whistleblower Howard Wilkinson.

2020 AELERT-INECE Conference
March 10th – 13th
Adelaide, Australia
On March 12th, Executive Director John Kostyack gave a presentation titled “A World of Opportunity: Empowering Whistleblowers to Help Prosecute Environmental Crime.”

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