FDA Staffers Ask Obama To Purge Agency

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Published on April 02, 2009

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FDA Staffers Ask Obama To Purge Agency

ABC News’ Brian Hartman Reports: Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, released a remarkable letter today that nine staffers from the Food and Drug Administration have sent to President Obama.

The staffers are ecstatic about new leadership at the FDA but want bad managers who still remain on the job to be run out of the agency, and in some cases, prosecuted as criminals. The staffers, whose names are redacted, call for an end to “the culture of wrongdoing and coverup.”

The letter stated that “many other FDA managers who have failed to protect the American public, who have violated laws, rules, and regulations, who have suppressed or altered scientific or technological findings and conclusions, who have abused their power and authority, and who have engaged in illegal retaliation against those who speak out, have not been held accountable and remain in place.”

“Sweeping measures are needed to end the systemic corruption and wrongdoing that permeates all levels of FDA and has plagued the Agency far too long,” the letter said.

The letter cites the approval of medical devices against the advice of scientific staff and the overruling of scientists to block young women from using the Plan B contraceptive pill. A federal judge recently ordered the FDA to reverse that decision and let 17-year-olds to use the Plan B pill without a prescription.

“Numerous top FDA officials, have been well-aware of … serious wrongdoing, and failed to take any actions, while the physicians and scientists who spoke out and refused to comply have suffered retaliation,” the letter said.

The staffers called for “immediate and decisive disciplinary action” and suggested “some wrongdoing may be beyond the scope of FDA’s jurisdiction and may need referral to the U.S. Attorney General.”

Read the full letter here.

ABC News: Blog The Note 
April 2, 2009

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