NWC Presenting at The ReThinking Animals Summit

Published on May 06, 2017

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NWC Presenting at The ReThinking Animals Summit

NWC will be presenting at The ReThinking Animals Summit this weekend, May 6-7. The Summit brings together a large community of science, business and conservation leaders to discuss and share knowledge on the major threats our planet’s wildlife are facing, and collectively explore potential solutions. NWC Executive Director Stephen Kohnwill be speaking on why wildlife whistleblower reward laws can have a monumental impact on detecting and preventing global wildlife crime, the most critical threat to wildlife today.

“In other areas of the economy where whistleblower reward laws have been implemented they have been phenomenally successful, resulting in record civil and criminal recoveries,” says Kohn. “The evidence clearly supports a finding that, if implemented in the fight against wildlife crimes, the impact would be profound and revolutionary.”

The NWC’s new Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program aims to educate potential whistleblowers on the monetary rewards they may be entitled to when reporting wildlife crime, and provides a confidential online reporting system connecting wildlife crime whistleblowers to a nationwide network of attorneys that can help file their cases under the appropriate reward laws with the correct government authorities.

The ReThinking Animals Summit is open to the public and tickets are still available.

Sat, May 6, 2017, 9:00 AM –
Sun, May 7, 2017, 6:00 PM EDT

NWC features on Sunday at 3:30PM

The New York Academy of Medicine
1216 Fifth Avenue
Entrance on 103rd Street
New York, NY 10029

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