Published on April 19, 2022

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NWC Supports Sen. Wilk’s California Senate Bill 947

WASHINGTON, D.C. | APRIL 19, 2022 — National Whistleblower Center (NWC) announces its support of California State Senator Wilk’s whistleblower protection legislation, Senate Bill 947 (SB 947), which will improve protections for private sector employees who work on government contracts. Specifically, SB 947 (Wilk) will ensure accountability by empowering employees of state contracts to report fraud, waste, abuse, and improper activities, free from fear of retaliation by granting them the whistleblower protections already afforded to formal employees of the state.

In our letter of support, NWC expressed strong support for SB 947 stating: “The protections afforded state employees would be reasonably extended to no-bid employees and protect the public interest. Existing protections for private employees simply do not go far enough: unlike state employees, who can freely report waste, fraud, abuse of authority, violation of law, or threat to public health without fear of retribution, private employees can only file Cal/OSHA complaints and report violations of the law.”

NWC is pleased that the California State Senate is considering the passage of this bill and is enthusiastic to reassert our support for the bill at today’s hearing. As NWC stated in our March 18 letter of support: Senate Bill 947 is an important step toward stronger anti-retaliation protections, and a step in the right direction.

We recognize and appreciate Senator Wilk’s leadership on this important whistleblower legislation and hope to continue seeing improved protections for whistleblowers in California.

“SB 947 is a vital step in bolstering public trust in the government and offers key, common-sense protections to the brave whistleblowers who put public safety above their own self-interest,” said California Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk. “Without robust anti-retaliation and anti-interference protections for workers in state contracts, the state is left vulnerable to fraud and is hamstrung in its ability to curb the spread of COVID-19. I am grateful for the support of NWC in getting this legislation over its first hurdle.”

NWC has consistently championed anti-retaliation protections for private and public sector whistleblowers. We celebrate California’s steps to improve whistleblower protections and encourage the State Senators of California to consider the value of including reward provisions to further improve their whistleblower programs.

NWC’s Executive Director Siri Nelson is available for comment. For more information, contact NWC at

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