Whistleblowers Protect Our Oceans!

Marine Protections Rely on Whistleblower Tips

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Whistleblowers Protect Our Oceans

This Earth Day, NWC is expanding our work on wildlife crimes and climate corruption by turning our attention to our oceans. Throughout the month of April 2023, NWC will be highlighting the critical whistleblower issues in ocean protection, marine resources, and protection of marine biodiversity.

NWC has long fought for improved protections for climate and wildlife trafficking whistleblowers. This year, we’re ramping up our efforts to increase protections for the whistleblowers who defend our oceans. Whistleblowers are critical to the protection of marine resources and wildlife. Their role in safeguarding the ocean, both nationally and internationally, includes:

NWC is Fighting for Ocean Whistleblowers

Ocean whistleblowers are critical to the enforcement of several key marine protection laws, both nationally and internationally. These include the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), and the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS).

To date, NWC has championed marine and ocean whistleblowers by advocating for stronger global wildlife whistleblower protections, including creating the Wildlife Pledge to create a community of international support for wildlife defenders.


Sign the Wildlife Pledge!

In 2021, NWC launched a coordinated campaign to grow public support for the wildlife whistleblowers who expose the wildlife trafficking crimes that push species to the edge of extinction. NWC has long called for formal protections for the wildlife whistleblowers who put an end to trafficking crimes–and we need your help. Add your voice to the growing chorus calling for an end to illegal wildlife crime networks and protection of the whistleblowers who bring poachers and profiteers to justice.

Sign the pledge to join our international community of whistleblower advocates and wildlife defenders:

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