The Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program

The NWC’s Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program is a secure worldwide web-based platform designed to educate and incentivize potential whistleblowers in order to dramatically increase the number of high-quality confidential reports essential to detect wildlife crimes and enforce the laws prohibiting illegal trafficking worldwide. Our program works as a confidential transnational reporting system which protects whistleblowers’ identities and educates them about their rights to obtain rewards for reporting wildlife crimes. 

Whistleblowers are a Powerful Force in the Fight Against Wildlife Trafficking

Report Wildlife Crime

Many wildlife laws allow for the payment of monetary rewards to U.S. citizens and non-citizens who disclose original information concerning wildlife crimes that result in a successful enforcement action.

Take Action, Support H.R. 864

Support the Wildlife Conservation & Anti-Trafficking Act of 2019, H.R. 864! This landmark anti-trafficking bill will radically increase wildlife crime enforcement and activate wildlife whistleblowers around the globe.

Take Action, Support H.R.97 / S.1590

Support the Rescuing Animals with Rewards (RAWR) Act, H.R.97 / S.1590! This legislation will include wildlife trafficking in the State Dept.'s existing whistleblower reward program.

Understand Wildlife Whistleblower Reward Laws

Whistleblowers worldwide can qualify for monetary rewards when reporting wildlife trafficking, illegal logging and illegal fishing when the information results in a successful enforcement action.

Ensure the Fish and Wildlife Service is Effectively Implementing Current Wildlife Whistleblowing Laws

Whistleblowers are a powerful force in the fight against wildlife trafficking. Yet reforms are needed by FWS and NOAA in order to ensure that the laws are being used as Congress intended.

Ensure the Fish and Wildlife Service is Effectively Implementing Current Wildlife Whistleblowing Laws
Hold Social Media Companies Accountable

NWC launched its campaign to hold social media companies accountable for unchecked criminal activity on their websites. The initial phase of the campaign was aimed at curtailing illegal wildlife trafficking on Facebook and other social media websites, with four whistleblower petitions filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Hold Social Media Companies Accountable
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View NWC Executive Director John Kostyack's Presentation on Environmental Crime

View NWC Executive Director John Kostyack's presentation on how citizens can engage in everyday whistleblowing to protect the environment. Featured in Environmental Law Institute's webinar "Collecting and Reporting Evidence of Environmental Law Violations: Tools That Work for Citizens." This webinar was organized by ELI and INECE.