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Revitalize the IRS Whistleblower Program 

In recent years, the hugely successful IRS Whistleblower Program has been faltering. The amount of money recovered by the program has plummeted as long delays and other issues have plagued the program which once revolutionized tax enforcement.

The bipartisan IRS Whistleblower Program Improvement Act provides six common sense reforms to revitalize the IRS Whistleblower Program and ensure it can play a pivotal role in cracking down on tax cheats and closing the tax gap.

The IRS Whistleblower Program offers monetary awards and anti-retaliation protections to whistleblowers who report large-scale tax fraud. Since it was established in 2006, the program has become an integral part of the IRS’s enforcement efforts. IRS whistleblowers have allowed the U.S. to recover over $6.6 billion from wealthy tax cheats and corporations non-compliant with tax law.

Over the past few years, however, the IRS Whistleblower Program has begun to falter. The annual money recovered by the program fell from $1.44 billion in Fiscal Year 2018 to just $172 million in Fiscal Year 2022 and the agency’s payouts to whistleblowers dropped from $312 million to $37 million over those same years.

The bipartisan IRS Whistleblower Program would help reverse these trends and revitalize the program. In addition to addressing infamously long delays plaguing the program, the bill will enhance anonymity protections for tax whistleblowers and offer a more just standard of review in Tax Court whistleblower cases.

In a recent article, NWC Chairman of the Board Stephen M. Kohn explained the key provisions of the bill and the overall impact it would have:

“An effective IRS Whistleblower Program is key to the efforts of the United State’s to hold wealthy tax cheats accountable to cut down on the tax gap. By addressing the statutory loopholes currently undermining the program, the IRS Whistleblower Improvement Act goes a long way in ensuring the program is effective.”

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