Wildlife Resources

NWC has put together a series of educational reports, one pagers, and other resources concerning how whistleblowers can help combat wildlife trafficking to help potential whistleblowers, policymakers, and others learn about this pressing issue.

Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program Overview

U.S. citizens, foreign nationals, and NGOs can report wildlife crimes that occur outside of the U.S. and be eligible for rewards under U.S. whistleblower law provisions. Learn about how NWC can help.

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Whistleblower Protection: A Tool for Stopping Corruption

Watch NWC Executive Director John Kostyack and NWC Board Chair Stephen M. Kohn present on wildlife whistleblower protections and strategies on WWF's Targeting Natural Resource Corruption project's webinar, "Whistleblower protection: A tool for stopping corruption that threatens the world’s forests, fisheries and wildlife."

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The Critical Role of Whistleblowers in Enforcing Wildlife Protection Laws

Read the special report on the crucial need for whistleblowers in reporting illegal wildlife trafficking and trade. The report was released during NWC board chairman, Stephen Kohn's appearance at the 2019 Thinking Animals Summit.

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Enlisting Everyday Citizens to Help Fight Environmental Crime

Watch NWC Executive Director, John Kostyack, present on how citizens can engage in everyday whistleblowing to protect the environment as part of the Environmental Law Institute's (ELI) webinar "Collecting and Reporting Evidence of Environmental Law Violations: Tools That Work for Citizens" from June 13, 2019.

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Best Practices: Blowing the Whistle On Wildlife Crime

Read the National Whistleblower Center's analysis on the Wildlife Conservation and Anti-Trafficking Act.

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In Support: Wildlife Whistleblower Legislation

Read the report on how the Wildlife Conservation and Anti-Trafficking Act will incentivize wildlife whistleblowers & can halt wildlife traffickers.

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Effective Application of the FCA and FCPA to Combat Wildlife Trafficking

Watch the National Whistleblower Center's presentation on how the False Claims Act (FCA) and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) can be used to assist and protect wildlife whistleblowers.

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Representing a Wildlife Whistleblower: For Attorneys

Watch the National Whistleblower Center's guide for attorneys seeking to represent a wildlife whistleblower. U.S. attorneys can join the Wildlife Whistleblower Attorney Referral Service to be at the forefront of a new legal approach to combat global threats like wildlife trafficking.

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Wildlife Whistleblower Reward Laws FAQ

Whistleblowers worldwide can qualify for monetary rewards when reporting wildlife trafficking, illegal logging, illegal poaching, and illegal fishing when the information results in a successful enforcement action.

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