Forensic Justice Project

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Commencing in 1993, the Center took on the daunting task of documenting forensic fraud and abuses in the world-renowned FBI crime lab. As a direct result of information disclosed by an FBI scientist, Dr. Frederic Whitehurst, the US Department of Justice issued an extensive report validating most of the whistleblower’s claims. As a result, the FBI agreed to unprecedented reforms including: outside accreditation of its crime lab, the appointment of an objective, independent scientist to oversee lab operations, and removal of various lab officials who had engaged in forensic misconduct.

After leading a successful six-year campaign to reform the FBI’s Forensic Crime Lab, the Center’s Forensic Justice Project (FJP) has taken on a review of misconduct in crime labs nationwide. The cases under review have impacted many potential wrongful convictions, have resulted in the review of thousands of cases, and have given freedom to wrongfully convicted defendants. In addition to reviewing misconduct at state crime labs, the FJP continues to monitor and expose problems within the FBI crime lab.

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