Published on April 18, 2022

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Celebrate Earth Day with NWC

WASHINGTON, D.C. | April 18, 2022 — To celebrate Earth Day this year NWC invites you to join our Whistleblowers Protect Our Planet panel on April 22, at 4 PM EST. During the LinkedIn Live panel you will hear from climate advocates on how whistleblowers can safeguard investments in our planet. The panel is an registered event and was created in partnership with the Wildlife Trafficking Alliance and Whistleblower Network News.

The panel will be moderated by NWC’s Executive Director, Siri Nelson, and feature:

  • Sara Walker, Senior Advisor on Wildlife Trafficking, Association of Zoos and Aquariums;
  • Wendy Addison, Whistleblower and Founder and CEO of SpeakOut SpeakUp; and
  • Dar-Lon Chang,  Advisor to GeoSolar Technologies and former Engineer at ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company.

The panel will focus on how whistleblowers protect our planet and dig into the ways in which whistleblowers are the key to safeguarding investments we make in our planet by helping police the effective use of dedicated public funds using the False Claims Act and preventing greenwashing by reporting misrepresentations to the Securities and Exchange Commission. We will also talk about how protections for wildlife are integral to effective climate protections.

NWC is proud to participate in Earth Day events, particularly as this year’s theme is Invest In Our Planet, and whistleblowers are the key to safeguarding these investments. You can learn more about NWC’s efforts to protect climate and wildlife whistleblowers by visiting our Climate Corruption Campaign, Wildlife Whistleblower Pledge, Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program, and Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge webpages.

Climate whistleblowers can get help finding an attorney using this form. Siri Nelson is available for comment, for more information contact NWC at

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