June 2020 Newsletter: Whistleblowers are needed now, more than ever

from NWC's Monthly Newsletters

The letter from NWC Executive Director John Kostyack featured in the National Whistleblower Center's June 2020 newsletter.

Published on June 30, 2020

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June 2020 Newsletter: Whistleblowers are needed now, more than ever

Hi Friend,

As we approach July 30, National Whistleblower Appreciation Day, I would like to reflect on why whistleblowers matter more than ever right now and to encourage you to RSVP below to reserve your space at our first-ever online celebration.

The ongoing street protests of George Floyd’s murder are bringing about a reckoning with racial injustice and police misconduct. What made this long overdue national conversation possible? My sense is that this particular crime is different from ones in the past because it was captured so vividly on bystanders’ smartphone cameras. That video footage stands as a symbol for how witnesses to a crime, equipped with the right tools, can change the world.

This is exactly why the National Whistleblower Center works so hard to educate whistleblowers about the tools they need to be effective.  On all of the big issues of the day, whether racial injustice and police misconduct, protecting front line workers from Covid-19 or climate change, whistleblowers are needed more than ever. Please join us on July 30 so we can hear from them and discuss how we can support them with the right tools.


John Kostyack

Executive Director

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