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The NWC seeks to engage in new collaborative endeavors with governments, international NGOs and non-profits, particularly those who work directly with the communities local to wildlife habitats. Contact us via email

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Based on wildlife whistleblower reports and other documentation, we know that environmental/wildlife crime continues to rise.  To address and reduce this trend, the NWC’s Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program seeks to collaborate with representatives from the private sector, legal community, multilateral and non-profit organizations, legal professionals and the philanthropic community.  Collaborating with the NWC’s Global Wildlife

Together, our efforts can educate potential whistleblowers, increase the number of reported crimes, and reduce environmental crime across the globe. From joint conferences and webinars, to publications and joint fundraising. Partnership opportunities are endless! To discuss potential partnership opportunities, please contact us at

Powerful Whistleblower Laws Can Stop Wildlife Crime

Join the National Whistleblower Center’s Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program. The Program is an international campaign that supports whistleblowers who report wildlife crime. NGOs and community organizations can have a major impact by educating their local communities about available financial rewards for wildlife whistleblowers everywhere.

NGOs and other organizations can also act as whistleblowers and are eligible for monetary rewards under internationally-applicable U.S. wildlife and related laws.

Add NWC’s Logo to Your Website

We strongly encourage partners to display the NWC “Report Wildlife Crime” logo on their websites. This is a clickable icon that links to NWC’s “Submit a Report” page. The icon enables easy access for potential whistleblowers around the world to confidentially report a crime.

Rewards for Confidentially Reporting Wildlife Crime

Partnership Opportunities

Here are some of the ways your organization can partner with the Program.

  • Host an NWC seminar in-person or online for your members and share our educational materials on your website.
  • Organize joint trainings and conferences
  • Ask NWC for a guest blog post or article to share on your website, blog, magazine, etc.
  • And many other ways to collaborate!

Report Wildlife Crime

You may consider blowing the whistle on wildlife crime if you have first-hand knowledge of the wrongdoing and documents that confirm the illegal activities.

Collecting and organizing evidence of the wildlife crime you observe is critical. Law enforcement agencies are more likely to investigate tips when they are supported by hard evidence:

  • Photographs
  • E-mails
  • Business Cards
  • Scientific Reports
  • Billing Records
  • Budget and Financial Data
  • Internal Reports
  • Meeting Notes
  • Video & Voice Recordings
  • Scientific Test Results
  • Transit Routes & Transport Methods
  • Bank Account Information
  • Evidence of Bribery
  • Money Laundering

Report Wildlife Crime

A variety of U.S. laws can be used to target illegal wildlife trafficking and activities that enable trafficking. These wildlife laws also offer monetary rewards for whistleblowers who provide information on violations that result in successful enforcement actions. Each law has different applications, so it is best to submit a report and work with an attorney to assess which law(s) apply to the information you possess.

Activities to Look For:

  • Buying or selling illegal wildlife products.
  • Bribing foreign government officials.
  • Importing or exporting illegal wildlife products.
  • Providing false information on customs forms at U.S. ports.
  • Shipping or transporting illegal wildlife products.
  • Laundering money earned from trafficking.
  • Offering or purchasing illegal hunting guide services.
  • Participation of U.S. citizens or U.S. corporations.
  • Involvement of international companies, such as shipping companies, that are publicly traded anywhere in the world. Goods destined for, or entering/exiting, the U.S. Persons with U.S. bank accounts, or use of U.S. bank accounts or other financial institutions.

Visit frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on Wildlife Whistleblower laws.

Download the NWC Partnership Toolkit

Find information and resources on Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program including illegal wildlife trafficking, marine conservation, and illegal timber trade. Share with your organization and the communities you work with.



Whistleblower Reward Laws

Find information on whistleblower reward laws that help with wildlife conservation and trafficking of endangered species including False Claims Act, the Act To Prevent Pollution From Ships (Apps), and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Share with your organization and the communities you work with.


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