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National Security Employees Know Your Rights

Protecting National Security Employees Teleconference Watch Now!

The National Whistleblowers Center offered a teleconference entitled "Whistleblowers and the Media" to explore the challenges faced when working with national security employees.

To watch the seminar aired on C-Span click here.

For faculty information and seminar materials click here.

Since 1993, when the National Whistleblower Center (NWC) commenced a 5-year legal battle with the FBI and successfully established whistleblower protection in that agency, the NWC has been actively involved in defending the rights of national security employees who expose waste, fraud and abuse. In the landmark FBI case involving Supervisory Special Agent Frederic Whitehurst, NWC attorneys achieved a breakthrough in rights for FBI employees and forced President Clinton to sign an order establishing whistleblower rights within the FBI.

Today, the NWC has a number of programs designed to help national security whistleblowers, including a nationwide attorney referral service managed by the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund where whistleblowers can find legal representation.  

Legislative Initiatives


Inspectors General

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